Catching Up on Backlog: Bed Levelling

New Bed Levelling Gallery Added

New Bed Levelling Gallery Added

Well, it seems I have a lot of backlog to caught up with.  Lots of things to add to this site already.

To get started, I have added a Bed Levelling gallery in the 3D Printing section.  As I try different things related to levelling the print bed on my Ultimaker 2, I will add the results to that gallery.

Currently there is just a single video.  It is the first video I have ever added to this site and only the second video I have ever added to YouTube. :)


First Post - Welcome!

Hi there!

Welcome to my brand new website and blog.  My name is JustKrys and I will be your guide on this grand adventure that is my life. ... (Okay, that was cheesy.) :)

Basically, this site and this blog are a place where I can share my passions and interests with others (like you!).  It gives me a voice and a home on the web for whenever I have the occasion and desire to share my thoughts.

Currently, my interests are with my new 3D Printer, the robot I built not long ago and still need to program, along with Minecraft and, of course, coding.  I will be expanding out the site over the next while to highlight and talk about these topics and more.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to subscribe and share my adventures with me.

Thanks for the interest!  No go explore! :D