3D Printing Cat Toys - First Attempts

New 3D Printed Cat Toy Gallery

New 3D Printed Cat Toy Gallery

I keep chugging along with my 3D printing backlog of stuff to share.  I have just added a Cat Toys gallery with some very early shots of a cat toy I have printed.  It is in the 3D Printing section.

The toy provides a pretty good bed adhesion and overhangs test, and the cats really enjoy the toys, even if they did not print (or photograph) well. :)

The pictures and videos are all pretty bad.  I was just getting started both with 3D Printing and with photography/videography.  I have learned a lot since then.  The videos are also all in my 3D Printing playlist on my YouTube channel.

So, if you want to see bad photography of bad 3D printing of a neat and weird cat toy, go check out the new gallery. ;)  Whenever I make other cat toys, I will add their stories there too.


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