About Me

Hi!  My name is Krys Lawrence.  I go by JustKrys online.

I am a computer scientist by education, a software designer/developer and system administrator by profession, and an all around inquisitive problem solver by nature.  I am also a boisterous goofball and a fairly shy guy. :)

I have created this site as a place where I can share my personal projects, passions and interests of the moment.  Currently those seem to be coding, Minecraft, the robot I built, the 3D printer I just bought and, of course, my two adorable kittens ... at least when they are behaving (which is only when they sleep). :D

What else can I say here?  Well, I am a dyed-in-the-wool geek.  I speak in cultural references a lot.  Aside from coding, TV and making things, I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy (duh), all things space, most things science, playing with language, thinking skeptically (often not so successfully), exploring silliness, and having deep philosophical discussions with people.  I like taking ideas to the logical conclusion, and then take them far beyond that. :)  I also like to ... not argue so much as have passionate discussions when people have different opinions than I do (the difference is no anger or defensiveness and enjoyment even if no agreements are reached).  Oh, and I like really bad puns too. The worse the better! :P  (And I use smileys too much it seems as well!)

So that is it.  That is me in a nutshell (insert Austin Powers reference here). ;)  I hope you like what you see here.  Drop me a note if you find any of it useful, okay?

Now go be awesome!  (Gag, too cheesy!) ;)

Contact Me

If you would like to share your thoughts with me or contact me for any other reason, please feel free to click the button below and use the contact form that appears.  I do not promise I will respond, but I do promise I will eventually see your message. :)

Thanks for being interested! :)